Top Favorite Destroyed Denim Picks


Happy Friday Friends! This weekend we are hoping the rain that is supposed to stick around today and tomorrow will leave a little earlier than expected but Sunday should be nice and sunny! It has been a really busy week both with work and otherwise and the weekend doesn't look to be much different! I am one of those people that really needs some time to just relax and have me-time to recharge and I am hoping to get some Saturday morning before the craziness starts back up again with wedding showers and birthday dinners! As the months pass and we get into late spring and summer, our calendars always tend to fill up- all with good things but its just another reason that time seems to fly in the warmer months. I can't believe baby will be here in 3 months. I know I keep saying that every time a week passes by but it is so true! We are now officially in a 5 week birthing class and I think its what is making this whole experience seem real to me. We are only on week 2, but so far the class has been so good and I have learned a lot and feel more prepared little by little. I am actually surprised that the class and all the honest details hasn't frightened me, but instead just make me more excited for July and baby to come. 

Today, because of the fact that I am missing all my old jeans (well wearing them comfortably) I have put together a list of my top picks, so that when the time comes and I can wear my old size again.. I'll be well prepared with my wish list! These jeans I bought up a couple sizes to fit, but I couldn't pass them up because they were such a good deal and I loved the frayed hem detail! More of my picks below!





Favorite Destroyed Jeans Picks:

I wasn't so sure about the crop style jean at first, but now I am obsessed! These are on my wish list!: High-waisted crop

I have these Boyfriend jeans that pre-baby bump were my go-tos on the weekend paired with a fitted top. 

I have a little jean envy over these light wash jeans right now and I'm debating on ordering them for when I can fit into my old size again!

These white jeans are great for summer! (And I love the way Top Shop jeans fit!)