Tunics & things


Give me all the tunics!

They move, they flow, they are forgiving if you had too big a lunch (or a little baby bump). I'm sold! This free people tunic has made me a believer! I have been struggling with finding long enough tops that allow me to still wear the jeans that I love, and I think tunics may be the way to go! 

And I know I'm here growing a human and the belly is part of the deal, but I have been so hungry lately that my bump seems to grow twice its size by the end of the day and having this flowy top just makes things a little bit easier for the expansion to take place. Baby Cusick must be having another little growth spurt as this whole pregnancy I haven't been as hungry as I have the last few days! So far it has ebbed and flowed, so I am sure my appetite will be back to normal in the next few days (only to reappear again later!) But until then, please excuse me while I go make a sandwich!!

Bumpdate tomorrow - how is this happeneing so quickly!?


Tunic (on sale!)