24 weeks

bump 24 weeks

Size: We now have ourselves a cantaloupe baby weighing in at 1.3 pounds and 12 inches long

How far along: 24 weeks

 Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds total gain

 Sleep: Still no changes to my sleep schedule

 Food Cravings: Back on a hummus kick this week, along with BBQ pop chips. Still grooving animal crackers, and craving asian/stir fry vegetables!

Food Aversions: nothing!

 Symptoms: Still getting bouts of exhaustion where all I want and need is a nap. But I only feel that way about once a week. I blame that partially on just being so busy that I don't have the time to slow down! (I read somewhere that naps can elongate your life and reduce the risk of heart disease.. so I'm now a firm believer in a good nap!)

 Workouts: I tried a new spin studio this week and LOVED it. It had a competitive element in which my stats off my bike and everyone else's bike was up on the screen and I am very proud to say that I kept up with the group pretty easily and even finished top 10. Now that it is getting warmer outside I really miss riding outside and will miss getting on my bike for real until fall-time! But I am thankful I can still get on a spin bike or my trainer for a good work out. As my belly grows I keep wondering how it will affect my bike-riding abilities! Will it start getting in the way as I pedal? Only time will tell!

 Doctor's Appointments: Next one is in a few weeks.. glucose testing time!

 Movement: Still having days with lots of movement, and others with a  lot less noticeable movement. My doctor said this is normal until about 28 weeks when baby will have a more predictable schedule. But it makes me so happy when he is really active and I look forward to those moments!

 Best moment of the week: I was so productive on Sunday around the house and got a ton done. We ordered a crib and I have done some shopping for the nursery. I am in the process of editing some photos to get printed and framed for the wall behind the crib. All things are coming along!

 What I am looking forward to: We're headed to Phoenix for the weekend and I always get so excited to get out and relax for a few days after having a really busy week! 

 What I miss? Laying on my back comfortably. I don't normally sleep on my back, so thankfully that's not an adjustment, but laying on the couch in my favorite spot is no longer happening these days! 

 What else? I'm sharing some ideas for the baby Cusick nursery tomorrow! Excited to finally share my design plans!