Growing Baby Cusick


My how time is flying! I feel like I say this every week, but it just keeps getting faster and faster! I look at these photos and can't believe thats my bump. Same thing happens when I walk by a mirror - it catches me off guard every time! When I just am moving along through my days like normal, a lot of the times I don't even feel like I look that different - I look down (and the view from above) seems normal to me at this point because the bump has grown so gradually. Strangers will ask me "when is your baby due!" and my first thought is..." how do they know!?" "is my belly that big?" Then I proceed to a mirror just to remind myself that YES Meg, you look pregnant!

These trusty maternity jeans have been my favorites these last few weeks and I don't see that changing anytime soon! I also just recently stocked up on some basic tanks like this white one that is long enough to cover the panel from my jeans. (that has been frustrating- finding shirts that are long enough!) I got a bunch from old navy sized up two sizes to give me the length that I need! And this fringe kimono is a recent purchase as well, I love having a bunch of dusters and jackets that I can throw on over my basic tanks and tees to make it easier to switch up my outfits day to day. And items like this are great because I can wear them now and after baby as well!

This week I am excited to share with you some ideas I have been collecting for Baby Cusick's room! I started the planning process and am slowly acquiring fun things for the nursery. It has been so much fun planning his little space. Can't wait for him to see it:)