My favorite one piece suit for summer


Remember when one piece suits were "totally uncool" in middle school and high school? One piece suits typically meant a speedo or other athletic suit that you probably wouldn't want to be caught dead in at the beach or lounging by a pool. Thank goodness we have gotten over that! These days there are SO many cute one piece suits and I have come to prefer them over a typical bikini. Now that I have the baby belly, I'm hoping the one piece suits I have will fit a bit longer before I have to size up to stretch over my growing stomach. This is by far my favorite suit of the season and I have some room to grow into it, so I'm planning on wearing it a bunch- until I can't squeeze in anymore! I love the frill detail on the bottom and the mesh cut outs on the side, not to mention the fun palm print! I got this suit at ASOS, which is not a surprise, I feel like they always have the cutest suits year after year.

Its Friday and I have plans to work around the house- the baby prep will probably never end until the day he is born! On the agenda this weekend- finding a rug and other decor items for the nursery, and cleaning out the room so it will be all ready for furniture to be moved in! Progress, little by little!