Just go with it


It's officially spring now, so time to break out all the floral prints you own! I am so excited that the bump is getting more prominent as spring and summer get closer because I am all about pairing a flirty, flowy, floral print dress with my baby bump. The temperatures have been so beautiful lately and I have been SO happy to put on a dress instead of jeans and a sweater. This dress here is now sold out, but I have linked some that are very similar below (all non maternity)! ASOS is now running a 20% off all dresses sale so now is the perfect time to stock up!

This has been such a phenomenal week in so many ways. After having a sluggish couple of days I had been feeling a lack of motivation to keep on top of my normally quite busy routine. It is always frustrating when you lack that energy that you are used to thriving upon. This past weekend I definitely took a nap or two, and just focused on getting caught up on the day to day stuff. I knocked out a bunch on my to-do list I had made in the previous week by Monday afternoon and now that my energy levels are feeling back on track, I feel better than ever with the added sense of accomplishment on things I had been putting on the back-burner for far too long! Coming out on the other side of a few off-days is such a good reminder that those moments in life never last forever- that good days are always around the corner. I tell ya, pregnancy has brought with it so many emotions and life lessons. I swear I have learned so much over these past few weeks! One of the reasons I have REALLY enjoyed being pregnant (even if that means some serious tears cried over something as little as a 30 second commercial with a little boy and his dog)!

This day we went out to shoot was SO windy. I was thinking that the photos would be a bust and a waste of time, but we went with it regardless and it turns out that these are some of my favorites in a long time! Another life lesson right there, packed into a little 10 minute photo shoot- JUST GO WITH IT. You never know how things will turn out!