23 weeks


Size: Baby boy is now the length of an ear of corn at 11.4  inches long and now weighs 1.1 lbs!

How far along: 23 weeks

 Total Weight Gain: Will know later today at my checkup- our scale is broken!

 Sleep: So happy sleep is still good ,I love sleep:)

 Food Cravings: Animal crackers! I bought a big box from Trader Joe's this week and they are going fast. And I can't get enough peanut/almond butter. Which is funny because early on I didn't even want to look at a jar of it!

Food Aversions: nothing really

 Symptoms: This week I had a few days where that overly stuffed full came back after eating a very small dinner. Which makes it uncomfortable to fall asleep, but I have felt better the last few days so at least its not happening constantly anymore.

 Workouts: I still feel so great in my workouts. My favorite spin class is on Mondays and Wednesdays and I still feel like I can keep up.

 Doctor's Appointments: Today!

 Movement: I had a few days where babe was a bit more relaxed and I experienced a lot less movement, which I have read (who knows if it is true) that baby might be going through a growth spurt when he is less active. And my belly is definitely grown bigger this week after feeling I was the same size for a couple of weeks, so maybe there is some truth to that! 

 Best moment of the week: Like I mentioned above, I must be noticeably bigger as the comments and questions from strangers asking when I am due are increasing daily. I never mind the questions, and find it so sweet when people show interest in my little belly!

 What I am looking forward to: Baby's nursery is designed in my head and I have a definite plan of what I want to do- so now its just assembling it all! Can't wait to see it all come together! I will share more soon!

 What I miss? I am now to a point where A) its getting warm enough to wear shorts to the gym or out for a run and B) my workout shorts I do own are too small. Not wanting to buy more but looks like I may have to!

 What else? I was a little discouraged last week when I experienced some extra fatigue that dragged me down a little bit and made it harder to energetically make it through my day. Luckily it hasn't lingered and I'm feeling back to my old self. (I am again attributing this to little guys growth spurt!!) Appetite is up, and my emotions are a little all over the place as I find myself crying to any songs on the radio that are about relationships or kids or sometimes songs that aren't sad at all! All to be expected with these crazy hormones I'm sure! Only 17 weeks to go!