Easy Breezy


We’re home from Las Vegas, and I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! We are always so busy and active on trips that I find myself feeling so drained on the flight home! We did so much walking this time around, that I think one of the days my health app on my phone registered 11 miles!! But for me it’s always a really good feeling, the exhaustion serves as a reminder that I had an eventful trip, and that first night back in my own bed - there is no better feeling in the world!

Today’s look Brandon calls my “Dutch Girl outfit” although to me it gives off much more of a boho vibe. I actually got this top last summer and never found quite the right outfit for it, but I thought no better time to wear it then now when it can conceal my baby bump if I feel like looking un-pregnant for an occasion! (But tbh, I kind of prefer the bump!) I have been wearing much more white these days. I think for a really long time white was a very rare siting in my closet - for some reason I have always felt like white washes me out. Which is completely not the case, so I don’t know whyI thought that for so long!

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post, my favorite of the week! My 22 week bump-date. See you tomorrow!

Peasant Top: (old, similar, similar)