22 weeks


Size: Baby is now the size of a coconut at 10.9 inches long

How far along: 22 weeks

 Total Weight Gain: I haven't weighed myself this week!

 Sleep: I had a great week of sleep, no problems at all!

 Food Cravings: Sweet potatoes, fruity smoothies, and still craving all things crunchy/salty.

Food Aversions: Still going strong with no aversions this week.

 Symptoms: Feeling so good these last couple weeks with no real annoyances, hoping this lasts as long as possible!

 Workouts: Last week I did a few runs outside when we were in Las Vegas because the weather was so nice in the mornings and our casino's gym was small and crowded. It felt really good to run, and I didn't feel much slower at all (but I didn't time it so its very possible I was much slower and just felt good about it!). We also did a LOT of walking the week we were there: one day between my morning run and all the day's walking my phone recorded 11.1 miles in total! Even with all the activity I still felt really great. I was a little worried that all the walking would lead to a stiff/sore back but I made myself stretch out quite a bit which I am pretty sure saves my body from a lot of pain!

 Doctor's Appointments: This week is my 22 week check up!

 Movement: I keep experiencing more and more movement by the day! He is most active when I am laying on my sides, but sometimes I get a pretty strong kick when I am just sitting down. It has been interesting to see where the movement is located- sometimes its right in the middle of my belly and sometimes on the left side, but never on the right!

 Best moment of the week: I guess theres no specific moment to describe...(but just in general) this week I have felt really good about my body and coming to that realization that I am not at all feeling bad about the weight gain or any of the changes I have experienced (at least so far!) I know that I am only half way there and that may change but right now I still feel like my old self. I am happy to see my waistline grow and excited for little boy to get bigger and stronger!

 What I am looking forward to: We had ordered some baby clothes online and they came in the mail last week and it is just so much fun to start getting clothes, and books and things that will be HIS. It is so surreal to think that he will wear these clothes and be big enough to fit in them one day! I think the more we get ready and get the nursery in order, the more excited I will be and the more REAL it becomes!

 What I miss? I am just going to have to say that I miss the warm Las Vegas weather that allowed for me to wear a dress comfortably everyday!:) We came back to KC to snow and wind and sub 30 degree temps and I am so done with winter! 

 What else? Just have to brag on my husband for a little bit. We had a really awesome week together on vacation and it was so much fun reconnecting after lots of months of the "daily grind". When we travel together I feel like I did when we first met in Italy 5 years ago and it just reminds me how much I love him and love spending time with him! I am so blessed to have him as not only my husband, but my best friend, and cannot wait for the addition of a little Brandon mini-me to the family!