Thanksgiving Sunset

Thanksgiving Sunset

We realized last week that this wa sour 5th year spending Thanksgiving together in Scottsdale. It has become a tradition, spending the long weekend with Brandon’s family in sunny Arizona and one we have really come to look forward to as the 70 degree November temperatures offer as Kansas City is just starting to get cold and dark, the streets lined with barren trees.

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Hiking in Sedona

After spending Christmas in LA, we hopped on a plane to continue our vacation in Scottsdale for a few days. We spent most of our time relaxing and recouping after quite an eventful stay with family. I typically am really horrible at doing nothing and just relaxing, but for some reason this time I let myself completely soak in every laid back minute that we had. 

The only plan we had made was to drive up to Sedona to explore the area and do some hiking. I had not yet been up to Sedona, and had always wanted to see the red-rocked city in person.  The drive took us a few hours and when we finally made the turn off on the two lane road that led into the city, it quickly became apparent that we were not the only ones who had the idea to visit Sedona that day. The traffic was pretty much stop and go for 30 minutes and we later found out that Christmas to New Years is the busiest time of year for Sedona. Finding parking was near impossible and the streets were bustling with people out to enjoy the 65 degree day. We walked through the town a little bit, but our main event would be to find a good hiking location and after doing some research found a quick but challenging trail up to Cathedral Rock.

One of our main goals for the hike was to find the PERFECT location to take a photo that would eventually be used in our baby Cusick announcement. We had brought along a little grey onesie and had no other real plan but to find the best possible photo opportunity and hope that it turned out! 

The hike was incredible- quick but straight UP. I love hiking and after a long ride in the car it was just what we needed. 

We kept stopping thinking "oh this is the spot!" as we made our way up the mountain, not knowing the spectacular view that was waiting for us at the very top. We took several photos in different lookouts with the big red rocks serving as our backdrop- at first using the tripod we had brought along, but other hikers saw what we were doing and we kept getting offers from folks wanting to help us out and take the photo for us. So many people congratulated us as we toted that little onesie and held it up with excitement in photos.

Finally after reaching the top, we spotted it. The PERFECT photo opportunity - the sun was setting and cast a electric glow across a rock that jutted out over the valley below. A man offered to shoot the photo, and out of everyone we met along the way, he seemed to have the most camera knowledge, and we knew it was meant to be that this was going to be our official announcement photo. So thank you, random hiker guy!

Already baby Q is getting primed for his life as an adventurer with his/her parents. Many more adventures to come, little one!


Catch up

So the last time I typed up a blog post was about two months ago, we just had gotten back from Colorado on a visit to see my parents back in November. Although not too many exciting things has happened since then.. (oh wait I guess ONE really exciting thing) I thought I write a quick catch up post so as not to leave anything missing over the last few months because I know I am just keeping you teetering at the edge of your seats!!

Well the one REALLY exciting thing (in case you missed it) is that B and I are pregnant with what I am assuming will be the cutest little quarter asian baby on the planet. Up until about two weeks ago I didn't even want to pull up my blog on the internet- let alone do any kind of work typing or shooting photos. Being nauseous is always miserable, but holy moly what really made life rough was the exhaustion and the lack of motivation. Basically I was a sack of potatoes that took up the opportunity to lay on the couch as much as possible, and when I couldn't do that, I dragged my little exhausted self through the day in a fog. I have heard pregnant women say so many times how tough that first trimester is, and I can finally say from experience that they are RIGHT!

OK, now that the one really exciting thing has been revealed, as has my excuse for being away for so long, let me quickly catch you up on life.

Thanksgiving we spent out in Arizona with B's family - a tradition we have done since we first started dating. Scottsdale is one of my favorite places (its where we got married) and our Thanksgiving getaway is something I look forward to every year. I think I am a sucker for nice weather, beautiful sunsets and cacti. We also took this opportunity to share our exciting news with the Cusick family by surprising them as we all gathered together for a family photo. Brandon yelled out "on the count of three say..."Megan's pregnant!!" We took a bunch of photos to capture everyone's reactions and you can see the evolution of the surprise setting in and its pretty amazing.

Most of December was spent in survival mode - at least for me. I slept as much as possible and managed my nausea by eating things that sounded palatable - dry cereal, cheese, rice, bread. And I did manage to get a workout 5 days a week even if that meant just a walk outside with Mochi. Super proud of myself on that one - exercise always sounded so awful from my comfy little spot on the couch, but as soon as I started moving I felt so much better. I am a firm believer that exercise and getting your body moving is the best medicine!

Christmas we had plans to take the trip of a lifetime - sailing a catamaran around the British Virgin Islands with Brandon's family. We were so excited and of course in anticipation, I had bought a collection of new swimsuits for the excursion! However, once we got the news we were pregnant, our doctor highly recommended we skip the trip due to the presence of Zika in the area. We were bummed, but decided not to waste the time off by just sitting at home. We booked flights out to LA so we could spend Christmas day with my family who were staying in Hermosa Beach for a few days, as well as spend some time with B's Aunt and Uncle, and other visiting family members from Hong Kong. It was great to see everyone, and be able to make the trip work on such short notice! 

After a few days in California, we hopped on a quick flight to Phoenix and drove up to the Cusick house in Scottsdale. We stayed here for a few days with nothing on our agenda but to relax. 70 degree weather, sunshine and lots of bowl games and college basketball. It was just the rest my 1st trimester pregnant self needed!

I went through our camera and pulled off all photos we had taken over the last two months, and sadly we didn't take that many photos, but any of interest I pulled off for the random montage below. Enjoy!!


Mr & Mrs Cusick

We did it!!!

We tied the knot on October 11, 2014.

I could say so many things about this day and how truly wonderful it was to marry my best friend on a beautiful day in Desert Mountain surrounded by our closest family and friends. But I think I will let our photos speak for themselves. 

Best day of our lives and we will always cherish the memories.

Thank you so much to our photographers at Melissa Jill photography of Scottsdale, the photos tell the story so beautifully!

xo Meg