Cold shoulders, cold knees


As the bump keeps growing, a lot of my shirts are frustratingly too short. And tops that are long enough seem to be few and far between, as I already have a long torso to begin with. Lately I have been experimenting with wearing short dresses tied to the side to give room for my expanding tummy and I have loved the added detail of a side knot. This dress from Nordstrom Rack was a steal and I loved the color combination of blues and oranges - plus of course I always am a fan of a cold shoulder detail! Still wearing my beloved Levi's, thanks to the belly band I now have in two colors that allow me to still wear my regular jeans. I would highly recommend these are they are super comfortable and now I don't have to pack up all my old jeans!


Dress (turned top): Nordstrom Rack

Jeans: Levi's

Shoes: Marshall's

Belly Band