Heather grey and mustard


Good morning from Las Vegas!! We flew in last night, and because of the time difference, I am up at the crack of dawn, sipping on my coffee and munching on Pops cereal. When I first found out I was pregnant, and felt the waves of nausea set in every morning, I started munching on dry cereal immediately after getting up because it helped settle my stomach a little bit. Even though I feel much better now and have for a long time, I have continued my tradition and still snack on my favorite cereals every morning with my coffee. You should see my collection in the pantry. You might think I have a whole fleet of little kids with the amount and variety of cereal I have!

It's getting harder to disguise the bump, but hey I am all for starting to show it off more! To be completely honest, I had no idea how I would feel as my body changed, but so far I am embracing the experience and growing pretty fond of my baby belly. I have been stocking my closet with form-fitted basics like this heather grey dress (non maternity) that is super versatile and I can wear casual with sneakers, or with heels if I want to dress it up. I have a lot of heather grey in my closet because of how easy it is to wear! This mustard cardi is a favorite of mine, although I don't get to wear it very often because it is such a bold color and you have to match it with more neutral tones. ....Enter, this grey dress...its a color combination made in heaven!



Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: DSW