21 week update


Size: Baby is now the size of a pomegranate and is about 10.5 inches long and almost a pound!

How far along: 21 weeks

 Total Weight Gain: not quite sure, I haven't been weighed but if I had to guess, about 13 or 14 pounds

 Sleep: Sleep is still pretty normal, I have had a few nights where I wake up for some reason or another and then can't fall back asleep for another hour or so just because I can't seem to turn off my brain! What is the baby going to look like? How will these next couple weeks go? I can't wait to put together the nursery!... all these things run through my mind. But its all good things and I always fall back asleep and wake up the next day feeling rested so i'ts really not a big deal!

 Maternity Clothes? I have come to a point where finding shirts long enough has been a little bit of a challenge when wearing jeans. I am needing to buy either longer shirts or maternity shirts. But the weather is warming up and I have broken out all the dresses I had packed away for winter and so if the day is warm enough, throwing on a dress makes life a lot easier.

 Food Cravings: This week its bacon and eggs. I am just really loving breakfast foods!

Food Aversions: I haven't mentioned this one yet because I keep forgetting, but since day one of the pregnancy, mint gum has sounded horrible. And if you know me, I am a gum girl. I don't think I have bought a pack in 5 months!

 Symptoms: No symptoms other than the body changes! I feel very lucky because I feel totally normal right now.... actually scratch that. I have to pee in what seems like every 10 minutes, so that can get just a wee bit irritating!

 Workouts: My PSA: If you are pregnant, get exercise, it is the best thing for you!...It helps me SO much, and I think I can attribute how well everything is going to my persistence to stay with it!

 Doctor's Appointments: Next week for a check up

 Movement: Baby boy is becoming more active by the day! At first I felt him move a few minutes every day and now I am feeling him several times throughout the day. Last night I felt my strongest kicks yet, I was thrown off by how strong he felt!

 Best moment of the week: Probably last night when I felt more substantial movement, I just get excited that I am getting to start feeling him more and more.

 What I am looking forward to: We are going to Las Vegas this week for my Dad's basketball tournament (he is a college basketball coach). Growing up this was always my favorite time of year: going to stay in a hotel with the team, explore whatever city the tournament was in and just watch some good college basketball! (I'm a big fan if you can't tell!)

 What I miss? Wearing things that cinch at the waist. That is such a small, silly thing, but really that's the only thing I could come up with right now because I feel pretty good and enjoying my pregnancy!

 What else? Just to continue on from the answer above.. I just am constantly thankful for such an easy pregnancy so far. My list of complaints is very short and manageable and I have rather enjoyed watching my belly grow and just the process of it all. I cant believe we only have 4 short months left! It is going to be a busy 4 months- lots of trips, lots of planning and organizing, and probably lots of nesting too:)