Green bomber & destroyed denim (maternity!)


I now own this bomber jacket in both black and now olive green. Spring and fall is great for these light jackets, and I am such a huge fan of having something to layer over a basic tee to give an outfit a little extra something special. These jeans are my new favorite maternity jeans (I had been on the lookout for a destroyed pair with a maternity band!) and will probably be on repeat until July. They are the perfect wash to go with just about everything I own too! I apologize in advance if you see these jeans a little too often these next couple months!

And last but not least, these sandals. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me confess my love for them and along with the jeans, I have planned to keep these babies in frequent rotation all spring and summer long. I just love the jewel detail (and the fact that they are super comfy helps too).

Now a quick note on the weather. I just spent 30 minutes in the basement with our pup Mochi as the tornado sirens have been going off and it has been pretty intense! I can't believe we are having weather we typically see in May- in the beginning of March. Over the weekend the trees started blooming and now allergies are in full force! I swear, spring comes earlier every year! 

And last, but not least in this smorgasbord of a post - baby boy has been kicking A LOT tonight! He is definitely getting stronger and it has been so much fun to feel him move more often! Tune in tomorrow for my weekly bump-date!