The challenges of dressing the bump

As the baby bump grows.. (and it seems to be doubling in size every day, its surreal!) I am slowly adjusting to dressing to accommodate it. Dresses are much easier than pants, as long as the gathers/waistband/seems aren't running across the biggest part of my tummy. The weather lately has been nice enough for dresses here and there, but the colder days I usually resort back to jeans, which now means maternity jeans instead of my regular ones. And absolutely nothing against my new maternity jeans (because they are amazing and it feels like I'm just wearing leggings all day) but the challenge with those is now a lot of my tops are too short and show the stretchy band at the top around the waistband. So I am currently in the market for longer, more form fitting shirts so I can get back to wearing jeans more often! Oh and another struggle is: if the shirt isn't form fitting enough, my middle section suddenly looks like a lumpy blob instead of the cute baby bump that it actually is. (All you mama's out there that have experienced this I am sure are reading this, nodding their heads in agreement.)

This past weekend I did some more closet shuffling as I am packing for our Las Vegas trip this week, and I needed to both get out the summer clothes I had stored in the basement, and take out a few items that don't currently fit and store them for later. I labeled the tub of items "too pregnant" and took it down to the basement for sake keeping:)

I hope you all had a really good weekend! Like I said earlier, we leave for Las Vegas this week and I couldn't be more excited to have some 80 degree days!