To My Husband the Photographer


Thank you for not only always enthusiastically agreeing to take my photos, but for your input on shots, angles, lighting, and beyond even though I am sure you never thought you would be using your passion for photography to primarily shoot your wife's favorite outfits. You willingly drive with me in search of the perfect location and work with me to make sure I have the shots I had in my mind before moving on. You always compliment me on my style, even though, as a guy I am sure you may not fully understand or appreciate the women's trends of the moment. (overalls? chokers? bandanas?) You appreciate and encourage my love for fashion by sending me articles or photos that you think I will like. You like all of my Instagram posts and hit the "<3" button on all of my Facebook posts. It is because of you, my passion project is taking off in form of this little blog! I am having so much fun curating and designing all the elements of Alexander-Alexandra, and without you, I am sure this web address would not be live, would not be functional, would just be dead air. 


Now if only the little guy in my tummy knew what he was in for - lots of dapper baby outfits, lots of travels and adventures, and way too many photos of himself to count.


Love you B!


Have a great Friday everyone