Destroyed Jeans (and Leg Warmers)

I feel like when I'm 60 we will all look back at the distressed jean trend and laugh or roll our eyes or some combination of the two. I mean buying jeans that have holes in them is pretty ridiculous in principle. Back in the day - freshman year of college, I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch and this was the time when destroyed jeans first stepped out on the scene. A&F was the coolest place to work at the time if you were a freshman in college because you got a whopping 20% discount on all the ripped jeans you desired. I remember loading up on them...only to see the trend fizzle out a year or two later along with pink ugg boots and leg warmers. (Does anyone remember when leg warmers were a thing? I would wear a jean skirt with leg warmers and flip flops to work far too often...I am quite embarrassed to admit). 

But it seems destroyed denim is here to stay..for now.. and I for one and I big fan (sorry 60 year old me). These Levi's are by far my favorite jeans and if you have been following along my Instagram posts you know I have so few days left wearing them comfortably as my belly starts to pop. I am on the hunt for some cute destroyed maternity jeans so lets all cross our fingers I find what I am looking for! 

As for a quick baby Q update, the envelope with our little babe's gender is currently burning a hole in my purse until I can pass it off to our friends putting together our reveal. The countdown is on... FOUR DAYS!!!