Laced Up

First of all, thank you to whoever made it socially acceptable to wear sneakers with anything and everything. It's nice to always have the option of throwing on a pair with whatever I am wearing. I find that a lot of the time dresses can be a bit on the short side on me. Maybe I have long legs, or maybe I am just past my prime in those ol' short dress-wearing days because if a dress feels too short I am much too uncomfortable to enjoy wearing it. But with sneakers I feel that I am able to get away with shorter hems...adding heels to this outfit would have probably been a disaster. 

I also bought this lace up dress before I was pregnant, so I was unsure how the looser fit would look when it doesn't so obviously show off my 18 week baby bump. And it does sort of look like I am just incredibly full from lunch if I don't do the infamous holding of my stomach that pregnant women  everywhere are known for. I personally love the little bump, and am just excited to see it slowly get a little bigger each day.

I am so happy its Friday as we are sailing into a three day weekend full of 70 degree February temperatures! Its days like these that I wonder why we are not living in LA because I am such a happier person when its warm and you can actually be outside without a puffy coat and mittens. I guess I can thank global warming for this LA-like February and just be happy for however long it is here. You never know what next week's weather will bring!