Weekend things

What a weekend! Temperatures soared into the 70's and I found myself cracking into my spring/summer clothing once again. I can't remember experiencing this warm of a February, at least in the midwest, in my entire life. I remember in high school the temperatures finally getting into the high 50's in April and how everyone would wear tank tops and flip flops because after a winter of snow and below freezing temps, these items were welcomed even if it was a probably still a little too cold. But THIS weather actually warrants a tank top and anything open-toed.

I also know that it's probably not here to stay and we will more than likely slip back into more familiar February temps, so anytime I can get in wearing something I was originally holding onto for spring, like this off the shoulder striped top, I do it! Off the shoulder tops will forever be one of my favorite silhouettes , I think it is just so flattering and feminine. If I see one in a store, I am always instantly drawn to it and more often than not I will buy it. 

And these jeans! Maternity jeans! You would never know because they are so cute and I love the fit. I now have a couple pairs but these are by far my favorite and I wear them quite often.

This week I have so many exciting things to share with you! (ahem, what happened at the gender reveal party!!!) I am working on getting my email subscription up and running so you can get posts and other updates right to your inbox. Other changes to the website are on the horizon too, so stay tuned!