18 weeks

This week I have been thrilled that my appetite is back to normal! Eating meals no longer brings on the feeling of being uncomfortably full after just a few bites. I also have been able to enjoy eating more vegetables- which pre-pregnancy I couldn't get enough of but up until last week has been on my list of aversions. I have gained about 8 pounds now and have invested in several pairs of maternity pants which are so incredibly comfortable. I sometimes wonder if I will ever want to go back to "normal" jeans...  OK- maybe I do, I already miss my favorite Levi's , and everytime I am in a store and see a really cute pair of high-waisted jeans I feel my heart drop when I realize that it will be quite a few months before I can pull them off again.


My belly has seemed to stay about the same size as last week, or maybe growing slow enough that I don't quite notice a change. Just last night I was at the gym and I feel like I look pretty fit throughout most of my body, now it just appears that I have a little appearance of a beer belly. I wonder what other gym-goers must think because it looks more that I ate a really big burrito for lunch rather than it being due to the fact that I am 18 weeks pregnant. I am embracing the change though. I feel pretty good about my weight gain and the expanding waist line. I was preparing to struggle through the change, but so far, so good. (check back in a few weeks when I start to get really big!)


Today we go in for our 2nd trimester anatomy scan and I am so excited to see baby again. He/she was active last time we saw him/her but this time I'm expecting to see some tiny little ninja moves. We have our gender reveal party planned for Sunday afternoon and I cannot wait to know to finally know if we will be raising a little girl or little boy. We haven't even discussed any names yet, so once we see blue or pink confetti I think it will be go time for names and putting together the nursery. All the fun stuff- so much to look forward to.

Overall everything has been pretty smooth going and I have no real complaints other than a little bit of heartburn, which has been totally manageable so far. Sleeping has been great, my body feels good, and unlike the apps tell me-  I have no dizziness, no headaches, and I feel like I can still workout like normal. Praying for this phase to last as long as possible!!

Can't wait to share with you the gender as soon as we find out! What do you think?? Baby boy or baby girl??