A whole bunch of photos with my forever Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! 

I have really been looking forward to digging deep into our old photos to find a random assortment of B and I together over the years. Some of these seem like they were taken yesterday (not 4 or 5 years ago like some of these) and the thought of together making millions of more memories in years to come is far too exciting for words! We have accomplished so much in our 6 years together, I can't imagine what the rest of our lives will bring.  Love you Brandon, you will forever be my valentine!!

I hope you enjoy these photos and little blurbs about them from over the years. While I was putting this together I also came across the little movie I put together from our Honeymoon in Europe (putting it together was my Valentines Day present to B last year!) and included in this post because it includes some of my favorite moments together and I can never get tired of watching it:)


Above left: the first time we ever shot photos for my blog back in 2014.

Above right: Harvard's masquerade ball the first year we lived in Boston. It also happened to fall on my birthday and I remember having so much fun that night with friends. The ball was in the Harvard Club in downtown Boston and each room had a different band or DJ. We made our rounds and danced in each room.

  • Finalizing wedding details in Scottsdale
  • One of our engagement photos taken by a friend
  • The first time I came on a lake trip with Brandon's family in July back in 2011, the year we first met. ( I was so smitten that week, I kept thinking "this guy is the coolest")

Above left: after we missed our flight home after our wedding, we stayed with B's brother in Tempe at ASU. We took his skateboards out to skate around campus. I was just learning how to get the hang of it and had a really big fall that was caught on video!

Above right: On our honeymoon we had stopped in Asolo- the city in Italy where we first met. This was the view from our school looking out onto the base of the Italian Alps.

  • Wakeboarding together on Tablerock Lake over the 4th of July
  • More engagement photos
  • A stop in Santorini on our honeymoon- one of my favorite destinations on our cruise!
  • Biking in Tuscany on our honeymoon

Above left: At the Colosseum in Rome.

Above right: On our first trip to check out Boston before we moved there to scope it all out, we walked the entire city in one day (this might I add was AFTER we ran a half marathon that morning) needless to say we were exhausted and had made a stop to consume a very large sushi lunch in downtown Boston.

  • We had more engagement photos taken in Singapore when we went to visit B's family in the spring of 2014. It was March, and both of us were very pale from a cold Boston winter. I remember thinking engagement photos where we are both wearing white was probably a bad idea.. but they ended up turning out regardless!
  • Apple picking in our first New England fall. We picked SO many apples, I think I ate apples for another 2 months straight after that day.
  • After driving up Monte Grappa in Italy- (on an extremely narrow and twisting road might I add) I think our plan was to hike the mountain, but with time constraints...or maybe out of laziness we ended making the trek by car.