Sweatshirt and Sneakers on Saturdays


I had such a good weekend. It was one of those weekends that just flowed from beginning to end. From Friday and happy hour with friends after work to these last few hours of Sunday as I do the normal chores around the house as I get ready for another week. We really had no concrete plans to do anything in particular but yet still managed to get a lot of necessary things done, AND spend time both with friends and us two together. We still have been purposefully putting off baby stuff- like decorating the nursery or buying any needed baby items as we are patiently waiting to find out GIRL or BOY... THIS WEEK.

I do really love to dress up, but hey there is no denying that sweatshirts and sneakers (and just lounge-wear in general) are a huge part of my wardrobe and are the items I feel comfortably myself in. B knows how much a really comfy soft sweatshirt means to me, and I am not ashamed to admit it! I recently found this Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt and thought it would be an excellent addition to my lounge-wear collection.

...I do have to be honest and say these jeans are not fitting with this whole comfort theme because they are much too tight with my preggo belly. Even with the belly band, I am thinking its about time to place these babies into retirement until next fall.