Blabberings of a Emotional Pregnant Lady

First of all I will start this little rambling with stating- I say "lady" in the title but only because it flows and not because I feel like a lady in any way. I don't think once have I described myself as "lady" even though my husband often calls me that when he knows he wants to sweetly push my buttons and/or get me to laugh because of how ridiculous it sounds. And if I were have to said "pregnant girl" in the title- that would have just sounded weird and awkward even though I fully feel like a girl- that I am still the same person I was 10, 15 years ago. (tell me what year it is again?? HOW is it already 2017?)

Now that we cleared the air about how I called myself a lady....

Today was one of those emotional rollercoasters mostly in the way that I felt like crying for no reason, and actually sought out reasons to cry- the happy, meaningful kind of tears you get when you watch a sappy movie at home on your couch on a Monday night like I had the opportunity to do. "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" was my movie of choice as its B's tennis night and that means I choose the super girly tv show and movies that I not-so-secretly enjoy oh so very much. Lately I have been going through the entire series of Gilmore Girls but somehow that segued via Alexis Bledel over to the traveling pants. 

Thanks hormones for the emoting swings!

These are a few photos from the other day that I think may have been the last time I could successfully pull off wearing my favorite Levi's without a belly band and this was partially because of how amazingly big and comfy and forgiving this sweater is. One thing I know I am going to miss these next few months are having the option of tucking my shirt in or wearing anything high waisted, BUT its a small sacrifice to make considering I am single-handedly growing a human and a cute pregnant belly has its own appeal in many ways. It's all about the tradeoffs.