Inching into Spring

This winter has been pretty mild so far, and now that we have made our way into February, have seen a couple days reach up to 60 degrees! I feel like this time of year I always think back to our winter in Boston a few years ago, when we spent February to what seemed like May buried in snow. (See photos from that winter on my blog post here) I am positive we have earned these tolerably mild winters for what we went by the simple act of surviving those few months back then. We spent our Sunday soaking up as much of this sunny day as we could, grabbing coffee and running around downtown with our friends Daniel and Molly before going back home to prep for our little Super Bowl get together at our house in the afternoon. I am currently writing this post-party, (after that incredible Patriots win - I'll be honest, I wrote off the possibility of the Pats coming back pretty early in the game!) and my chip and dip food coma is starting to slowly set in. 

I'm excited to start posting some more outfit posts, especially with the weather getting warmer - but to be completely honest, adjusting to the changes in my body the past few weeks has provided its few challenges and totally shifted my wardrobe, waters that this first time preggo is learning how to navigate. One big plus is that these first few months of my pregnancy have been in the middle of winter where I can just cover up under big sweaters and looser fitting clothing. I'm in that awkward stage of just having a pooch in the front- not quite an obvious baby belly. Once the weather starts to warm up, however, I'm planning on having plenty of dresses on rotation to show off the baby Q bump! Until then, cardigans and big sweaters it is!