week 16

Ever since the 2nd trimester began, I feel like the weeks have been flying. I feel great, I sleep great and almost everything seems to be "back to normal"!

This week baby Q is the size of an avocado, can detect sounds and has the strength to be moving around quite a bit- although I am still waiting to feel its first movements! The last ultrasound we had, the technician told us that the placenta was located between baby and my stomach, so it might take  little longer to feel that first movement.

Sidenote: A couple of people have asked if we have a name for the baby since I call it "baby Q" Unfortunatly no, this is not a hint on baby's name, this is just how I shorten "Cusick"!

Overall I feel great! I have lots of energy, don't feel nauseous, and have just found it so amazing that I wake up every day to see my belly is a little bit bigger. I think after hitting that 15 week mark, baby has had a major growth spurt because although last week I was still able to slip on a few stretchy pairs of jeans, this week I am officially bursting out of everything I own! I bought a "belly band" that is worn around the top of my pants so I can still wear them unbuttoned -and that thing has really been a lifesaver, as well as the three pairs of maternity pants I bought for work and should hopefully suffice me through the next couple of months.

My only challenge right now has been eating. Most days the only meal I enjoy has been breakfast. After that I feel like my digestion never has time to catch up for the rest of the day. I have been so full that eating lunch and dinner has been uncomfortable and most of the time I just nibble on something small, just to try and get some calories in. Then anywhere from around midnight to three AM I will wake up, feel my stomach growl in pain from hunger, and eat what most of the time ends up being a peanut butter sandwich. This has been going on for weeks and has been so frustrating because I love food, and the simple joy of enjoying a good meal has been totally absent!

Today I have a quick doctors appointment, and in two weeks we have our anatomy scan to determine if it will be little boy Cusick or little girl Cusick! We are so excited and I feel like I have been waiting for months to get to this point! At the beginning I was certain it was a girl, but honestly now, I feel like it really could go either way! Just two more weeks and my brain can finally rest from wondering "boy or girl? boy or girl?"!