week 15

9 weeks ------------> 15 weeks

I have been waiting until I had somewhat of a bump to start doing any sort of update on my pregnancy and growing tummy. B had been taking weekly photos from the beginning, and still by week 10 and 11, I looked pretty much the same- and it would have made for a boring evolution of a ordinary stomach. 

This past Monday marked 15 weeks and I took a photo thinking it would again be the same ol same ol because I hadn't felt like I had gotten any larger and most of my pants still fit. But I was so surprised when I put week 9's photo next to my current week 15 to find a teeny tiny little baby bump forming! And ever since then it seems like I am getting bigger by the day. Funny how it comes out of nowhere and suddenly there is no looking back!

I have been feeling so much more like my regular old self since about week 12/13. Getting up early and having the energy to work out like I normally do gives me a big mood boost throughout the day and I am dedicated to staying active and getting in a good sweat session 5-6 days a week for the next 6 months!

I no longer feel nauseous, but I expected to be more hungry than I have been! I only have an appetite in the mornings for breakfast, but lunch and dinner I crave nothing and the thought of eating is more of a duty to the health of the baby than something I enjoy. I get frustrated at night when I'm racking my brain for something that sounds good to eat and nothing comes to mind. I for the most part eat pretty healthy and the fact that sweets and chocolates sound SO unappetizing really helps that effort! Most of my cravings are salty in nature and that includes Sushi (mmm soy sauce + wasabi), crackers with hummus, and ham, egg and cheese sandwiches.

Health wise for the baby - so far so good! All genetics screenings have been clear and little babe is growing right on target!

We have an appointment mid- February to find out gender, and will have a gender-reveal party shortly after! I have thought girl from the beginning, but lately I feel like its a total toss up! B has been strongly team boy from day 1. We will find out February 19th!

Stay tuned!