Back to Beantown

Its been just over a year that we left Boston to move back to Kansas City. Although we both agree that Kansas City is the perfect place for us right now, and we love the little life we have established here so far, Boston will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Honestly... Boston was a hard little chunk of life for me. We moved out there in September 2012 - me with no job lined up and Brandon to begin a new program at Harvard. We knew no one, and the closest family or friends were at least a 3 hour plane ride away. It was hard feeling so isolated from the comfort of "home"- for me at least. Don't get me wrong, there were SO many good times, but I think when we were actually there and doing it... it was very clouded by my feelings of being so far from everything I knew and loved and trusted. 

We had no car, winters were very cold and desolate, and at first finding a good core group of friends was tough. At the time, I found it very easy to seek out the negativity and kind of just dwell there. At the same time, now that it is over and done with, I can now clearly see how Boston gave me SO MUCH. It made me tougher. It got me out of my comfort zone, and it forced me to grow up a little. No.. It forced me to grow up, A LOT. 

This visit was the perfect capstone for me, I saw Boston from a whole new perspective. Memories flooded back to me of all the times we spent in this amazing city, and this time they were all so wonderful and I was so appreciative. 

So thank you Boston. For the lifelong friends I have made, all the delicious food, the views of Back Bay from my old office, all that time spent commuting on the Red Line, the Green Line, even the stuffy hot busses. Thank you for the beautiful runs along the Charles River, all the tourists in Harvard Square, the big cups of flavored iced coffees that were 98% sugar and 2% actual coffee. Thank you for our little 500 sq foot studio apartment with a lofted bed that Brandon and I could easily hit our heads on the ceiling at night if we weren't careful. Thank you for the accents, minuteman trail, the best church and church family we could have asked for. And even thank you for that winter we were buried up to our ears with snow. You mean so much to me Boston, and I can't wait to visit you again.

Fall is in full swing in the neighborhood!


Welcome to our little home in Somerville, Mass!

This is the perfect time of year to share some photos of where we are living, for all of our friends and family who haven't been able to make it out to visit so far. The neighborhood is so vibrant with jaw-dropping fall foliage and I wanted to capture it before winter creeps in to stay. Our little apartment is one of four in this home. The owners occupy the first and half of the second floor of the right side of the home. The other half up the upstairs is where our studio apartment is located, and the left half of the house is made up of two apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs. We found this place to be so unique and even though we are VERY cozy in a whopping 500 sq feet, this apartment has been our first home as a married couple and I love the fact that our story together begins here. 

And here is the inside! Yes, it is sort of a mess, but you know what - that's life! In such a small amount of space we have learned to be OKAY with the clutter. We have even set up our bike trainer in the back and use it pretty frequently as winter is now creeping upon us, and its an easy way to get some exercise in (and stay sane) when the snow starts to pile up high outside. As you can see, our bed is lofted and we have to climb a ladder to get to it. I think if you would have told me as a kid that one day I would FINALLY get that bunk bed that I always wanted.. I would have been pretty ecstatic! I'm not sure many people can boast about sharing a bunkbed with their husband/wife their first year of marriage- and that to me is just pretty darn cool.

Daytrip to Newport


How did it take us so long to make it down to Newport?!! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the mini trips we have been able to make living on the east coast the last few years. A few hours drive in any direction can transport you to so many cool places. I have to say Rhode Island is now topping my list of favorite spots to take in all fall has to offer in New England. Before reaching Newport, we thought we would walk through the Brown campus (we always love to explore campuses- living in Boston it has been fun to see some of the Ivy League schools because they are all so beautiful!) The fall colors are unreal, I still have to pinch myself to remind myself that I actually LIVE in this autumn paradise! In Newport we walked the Cliffwalk, a path that takes you alongside of the stunning mansions of Newport. The 11 mansions on the Cliffwalk were all built in the late 1800's and were summer homes to New York Cities wealthiest families. The homes are absolutely beautiful and I only wish we had the time to tour a few of them! (next time!) We started the walk right as golden hour was starting and took the opportunity to take as many photos as possible as it seemed everything was just glowing with the low setting sun. We soaked up ever minute of daylight in Newport before jumping in our little zipcar to make our way back home. It was all in all, a perfect fall day!


Portland, Maine

Two weeks after our wedding, Brandon's parents flew out from Kansas City for the weekend. They hadn't yet come visit us since we moved to Boston, and we always encourege visitors in the fall- New England is absolutely stunning this time of year! The cool temperatures encourage you to layer up and get outside to bask in the beauty of the brightly colored trees that you would think are on fire with the electric hues of orange and red. We decided to make a day trip up to Portland, Maine - and we ended up making a short pit stop in Kennebunkport, which was unplanned but such an unexpected treat! We drove the coastline and stopped in the town center for lunch - in true Maine tradition we ordered clam chowder and lobster rolls... it totally hit the spot. We continued on to Portland with our hearts set on lobster dinner later that evening, and some time to explore downtown and work up our appetites! Portland has a lot of little shops and restaurants close to the water and we weaved in and out trying on hats, and clothes, looking through paintings, and bought a few keepsakes to take home. The guys spotted a doughnut place that was bustling with people and we all decided to see what all the fuss was about!      wow! I have never heard of such a thing as a "potato donut" but as someone who isn't the biggest donut fan (I know, I know!) this was an amazing little donut. If you ever find yourself in Portland (I highly recommend it!) try the potato donuts at The Holy Donut. It won't disappoint.

It was then on to our lobster dinner! We chose a restaurant that was directly on the water (it was actually a "floating"resturant!) and settled in ready to each order our own full lobster! I had NEVER had a full lobster before. Growing up I was a very picky eater, and only in the past few years have I expanded my food horizon. Although cracking into the lobster was quite a job for this first timer, I am happy to say that I loved every bite, it was SO delicious! Maine lobster for the win!