Back to Beantown

Its been just over a year that we left Boston to move back to Kansas City. Although we both agree that Kansas City is the perfect place for us right now, and we love the little life we have established here so far, Boston will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

Honestly... Boston was a hard little chunk of life for me. We moved out there in September 2012 - me with no job lined up and Brandon to begin a new program at Harvard. We knew no one, and the closest family or friends were at least a 3 hour plane ride away. It was hard feeling so isolated from the comfort of "home"- for me at least. Don't get me wrong, there were SO many good times, but I think when we were actually there and doing it... it was very clouded by my feelings of being so far from everything I knew and loved and trusted. 

We had no car, winters were very cold and desolate, and at first finding a good core group of friends was tough. At the time, I found it very easy to seek out the negativity and kind of just dwell there. At the same time, now that it is over and done with, I can now clearly see how Boston gave me SO MUCH. It made me tougher. It got me out of my comfort zone, and it forced me to grow up a little. No.. It forced me to grow up, A LOT. 

This visit was the perfect capstone for me, I saw Boston from a whole new perspective. Memories flooded back to me of all the times we spent in this amazing city, and this time they were all so wonderful and I was so appreciative. 

So thank you Boston. For the lifelong friends I have made, all the delicious food, the views of Back Bay from my old office, all that time spent commuting on the Red Line, the Green Line, even the stuffy hot busses. Thank you for the beautiful runs along the Charles River, all the tourists in Harvard Square, the big cups of flavored iced coffees that were 98% sugar and 2% actual coffee. Thank you for our little 500 sq foot studio apartment with a lofted bed that Brandon and I could easily hit our heads on the ceiling at night if we weren't careful. Thank you for the accents, minuteman trail, the best church and church family we could have asked for. And even thank you for that winter we were buried up to our ears with snow. You mean so much to me Boston, and I can't wait to visit you again.