new start

I started alexander-alexandra a couple of years ago.

It started as a fashion blog, but slowly it morphed into more of a journal of life. Our trips, our fun times with friends, and the memories and stories to go along with it. When i took the time to work on the website, I LOVED it. I loved how I had all my memories in one place, and it gave me an excuse to bring the camera everywhere we went, and how that in itself had fueled my budding love for photography. I also loved the excitement writing gave me, no matter how HARD it was for me to hit that publish button, slinging my personal thoughts out on a public platform that could be read and judged by anyone and everyone. (But I guess lets be real, I bet maybe 2 or 3 people REALLY read what I was putting out there)

Then something really sad happened. I let my website expire. Life got busy, I had stepped away, and completely forgot to renew it. All those posts (well 30 something of them over the past year and a half or so) were gone forever. 

For months now I have been meaning to restart. Start over fresh and commit to actually breathing life back into a blog that showcased the life that Brandon and I have built so far and chronicling our adventures going forward.

And finally, I have stopped dragging my feet and DID it. Welcome back little blog, welcome back!

So here is a quick update on where things stand for Brandon and Megan as of August 2016!

We are living in Kansas City, in a home we love, in a neighborhood we love, with a pup we love, surrounded by friends and family that (you guessed it) we love.  Summer has been a busy one, full of little trips, and mini adventures that has made these hot months just fly by. Brandon is working in healthcare- the business side of things, and I work at a pharmaceutical company. We bought a house and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves as we cant believe we have all this SPACE (considering we started out in a little 500 sq foot studio apartment in Boston just a few short years ago). I am still passionate about fitness and you can find me anywhere from a yoga studio to peddling on my road bike, to the weight rack in the gym. Brandon has rediscovered his love for tennis, playing in a couple leagues around town and is currently holding the title "member-guest" tennis champion of his old club with his younger brother Andrew. Our 1 year old pup Mochi, who we got last September, is currently the apple of our eyes, he doesn't know it but he has us wrapped around his little paw.

Can't tell you how excited I am to be writing again?? - cheers to many, many, many more posts!