Must Love Dogs and Sunsets

Before we got Mochi, I had always loved dogs, but to be perfectly honest, when it came to people being overly obsessed with their pet, I just didn't quite understand. Rewind to about a year ago...enter little puppy Mochi...and YEP, I get it. 

Dogs are just the BEST, right? All you pup-parents out there, I get it! I know everyone thinks their dog is the best, but seriously, ours IS the best. He brings us so much joy every single day.... just the best little Mochi-man-dude. 

After we moved to our new house and neighborhood, we took the little guy to a close-by dog park down at the Lincoln Memorial. These late August temperatures have been pretty mild and this night was beautiful, we couldn't have asked for a better sunset. After a full year and a half of living in Kansas CIty, I had never made it over to the Lincoln Memorial which boasts a spectacular view of the city. And what a night to see it for the first time! The light just bounced off the buildings and made all of Kansas City glow. We even got a pretty good family photo! (Mochi still needs to work on his smile!)