Comfy Blush Shorts

blush shorts

These days I opt for more loungewear that can be worn out and about if the day allows, which has been more often now as Jett gets a little older and does really well when he is in his stroller! I also must say I have no interest in buying fall clothes just yet! I am a summer girl tried and true. The only "fall" items I have been eyeing are some new jeans, which is actually really exciting considering for the past 9 months I have been wearing a small rotation of maternity jeans. We did have a 70 degree day yesterday but shorts, a tee and jean jacket did the trick, I had no urge to break out the sweaters just yet!  I just feel as though we have PLENTY of time for sweaters in the next couple months - there is no rush for me to dust them off in my closet. I often wonder if I am the only one in this camp as it seems all the buzz around me is chunky knit sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. Anyone else a summer-lover like me?? Anyone?