Overalls for all


I was wearing overalls back in high school when no one else thought they were cool - ahead of the curve? TOO far ahead of the curve? Maybe.. but I have been onboard fully this time around, and I am hoping the trend stays around for a little while because now that my non-pregnant belly can fit in them.. I want to wear them as much as possible! (I just bought a jean skirt overall I can't wait to wear!)

How was everyone's labor day? I kept saying Memorial Day yesterday and didn't think twice about it. My days are all messed up these days. Since having Jett I feel like everyday is Saturday and find myself looking at my phone to check and see the actual day of the week half the time! Well I'm excited about this upcoming week, as its our last out in Colorado and we are going to soak up all the beautiful cooler weather (70's this week!) that we can before heading back home to Kansas City!