Jett's first flight (and football game!)


Jett and I have been hanging out in Colorado for the past week and a half and still have one more week before we head back home. This trip was planned pretty last minute, about a week before we left and even though I was pretty excited to come and spend time with my parents, I was a little nervous for our first flight with Jett. We want to continue to travel as much as possible even now that we have a baby and this very first trip we had no idea what to expect.. would Jett sleep the whole time? or cry? would we be able to smoothly pack everything we needed and manage the luggage and stroller AND the baby? This flight to Denver was probably the easiest we could have taken as its only about an hour long so we knew this was a good flight for our first trial run.

I'm happy to report that everything went smoothly and I was surprised at how easy it was! Jett was surprisingly calm as we had to take him out of his stroller so I could hold him through security  (he typically gets quite fussy getting in and out of his car seat) He then was very content as I carried him onto the plane and to our seats. I nursed him during takeoff as I have heard this can ease any potential ear pressure issues as we ascended and shortly after he then fell asleep for the remainder of the flight! I think our decision of taking a later flight was best because as soon as 8 / 9 o'clock hits, Jett gets really tired and slips into what usually is his deepest sleep of the night. First flight down, and hopefully many more to come!

Another first for Jett this week.. his first college football game! My family had plans to go to the first Colorado State football game of the season and Brandon and I decided to invest in some baby headphones and take Jett along. Again little man slept through the whole game (even with all the attention from all the fans because of his cute teeny tiny headphones)! It was a little hot so we found a little table on the concourse in the shade and could still somewhat see the field and scoreboards. 

We're still here in Fort Collins for another week before heading home Sunday. It's been such a good little vacation and so great to spend time with my parents. On the agenda for the week: a little pool time and a trip to Estes Park! Getting in as much as we can with Jett before heading back to Kansas City. And hoping our flight home is as smooth as our flight out here!