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Jett has his fussy times of day, typically in the afternoon, where he isn't content more than 20 minutes in anything we have him in and it can be really frustrating when I need to do something around the house, or just get OUT of the house. We have a few baby wrap wearing systems that he has liked being in and give us moments of calm that are so very valuable through those lose afternoon "witching hours" I recently came across this Lalabu Soothe shirt and immediately thought it was genius and needed to try it. The wrapping systems can get a bit confusing but this shirt is just that - a shirt, with a built in "kangaroo" pocket in the front where you can slide your little one right in The shirt fits tight, and not only good for holding in your post-baby belly, but also gives me the peace of mind that Jett is safe and secure AND bonus points for the shirt serving as a nursing tank as well!

Check out Lalabu, the different color options, here  as well as a baby-wearing shirt for Dad too here!