Jett Oliver: One Month

baby jett one month

Sweet baby Jett has now been in our lives for one whole month! It's so true what they say about the days being long, but the years short (or in this case, the month!) 

This month has been one of the most challenging AND rewarding months of our lives. I go to bed with so much more knowledge than I wake up with every day. It's funny to look back on everything and how some things make so much more sense to me now that a few days or weeks ago seemed so foreign. We go through our ups and downs daily as I have moments of "YES I am such a boss" as well as "I know absolutely nothing, someone please help me". I have pretty much mastered the art of getting out and about (ha I say that now, and I am sure new challenges will continue to present themselves, making that statement totally void), and we are slowly sinking into a rhythm that feels right, each day seeming a little bit better. I am working REALLY hard to be OKAY when I hear him cry, knowing that this is the only way he can communicate, and not have an overwhelming feeling of "omg my poor baby, help him, help him!" I rarely feel tired anymore, and even in the earlier weeks I felt PRETTY good, getting around 6 hours a night (broken up of course). These days I don't even feel like a nap most days! Jett is a great sleeper, at least during the night... the day on the other hand can be rough because he fights sleep constantly and always seems inquisitive about the world around him. I finally made the connection between days where he was super fussy- those same days being ones that he would hardly nap during the day. We now try things like car rides, stroller rides, or even sitting outside in the shade or on the porch where it is warmer, and he is more likely to drift off to sleep. He is constantly pooping, but at this stage I think his poops are pretty cute - the way he stops what he is doing to make a poop face and makes a bunch of grunting noises. We love little Jett so much, and the changes he goes through on what seems to be a daily basis is astonishing! He now gets the biggest grin on his face when he sees something exciting like my glasses, or Brandon's hair. He loves to stretch in the morning, and as soon as the sun goes down he passes out- he passes out HARD. But it never fails that as soon as the sun rises in the morning he is laying in his bassinet making noises and looking all around - such a morning person.. just like mom!

Jett Oliver at One Month:

*Sleeps in 3-4 hour chunks at night, such a great sleeper!

*Loves to eat, would probably eat all day if he could

*Obsessed with the hairdryer, instant chill vibes when that thing is turned on

*Fussy in the afternoons/evenings especially when he fights his naps

*Loves car and stroller rides

*Not so sure of tummy time

*Loves being warm, and loves being outside

*Mornings with Daddy is his favorite time of day