Life Update, Vol 1


As hard as it was to share my personal life with the internet the very first time via this blog..and let's face it... months and months afterwards, I have grown to love opening up  a new draft and typing out the more personal side of our lives. Maybe its a little therapeutic, and maybe its just a good way for me to personally digest what is happening in my life, but what I have really grown to love is all the people I have formed little social media friendships with over these past few months. So I guess, being vulnerable and putting yourself out there attracts other like-minded people who also want to share their experiences too and the connections I have made this way have been totally unexpected, and pretty cool...  who woulda thought!

So for my sake, or maybe, if I'm lucky... your entertainment, here is a little Cusick family life update!:

- We have had a really great couple of days as far as settling into a groove with little baby Jett in our lives. Last night he slept over 5 hours in one chunk!! Maybe this is why I feel so happy and energetic this morning!

-I went on my first REAL life run this morning while Jett and Dad had some boy time together. I felt great and I can't tell you how amazing that feels to get back out there because I wasn't really able to run for most of my pregnancy which really broke my heart and I wasn't sure if I would want to (or feel comfortable) run again even post-baby. But I felt like my old self again! Side note: OF COURSE I tripped and fell on a crack in the sidewalk and broke my phone screen and scraped up my knee pretty bad. And maybe its the post-run endorphins, but I don't even care! Check back after the runners high wears off.

-We made it through our first night alone without B a few nights ago, when he went to Dallas for work. That night I had a feeling that Jett would decide to wake up every hour or something, but nope, he was a great little sleeper!

-We had Jett's one month pediatrician appointment where he weighed in at 10 pounds and 22.5 inches long! 49% weight and 88% height. We have a growing little boy on our hands!

-We are packing up for our very first flight with baby in tow! Tomorrow we are headed to Colorado to visit my family for about a week and we are so excited for a little break from the Kansas August humidity plus just some good family time. 

-Our basement flooded for the third time in a month! This crazy Kansas City summer I tell you! I was really worried my winter shoes had been destroyed, but I think they made it through!

thanks for checkin in with us!