36 weeks

36 weeks pregnant
36 weeks pregnant

Size: Baby is now the size of a papaya and is about 18.7 inches long and 6.3 pounds

How far along: 36 weeks

Sleep: Still sleeping! Only a few more weeks of a good night sleep

 Food Cravings: Cookies. This baby all the sudden this last week or two just wants me to eat cookies!

Food Aversions: none

 Symptoms: nothing other than a little more back pain than normal

 Workouts: Biking on the trainer, trying to get more walks in with Mochi after work. I also did a Fusion Fitness class for the first time in a long time and forgot how much I loved it. (If you are in KC, try Fusion Fitness it will change your life!) I can’t wait to get back into going on a regular basis after I get cleared to work out after little guy is born.

 Doctor's Appointments: Had a sonogram on Monday and all looked good!! The technician estimated him to be right around 6.3 pounds right now! It was also really cool to have them confirm his position – head down and spine up my left side with legs sprawled to the right. This is exactly what I thought these past few weeks and it was so awesome to find out that I was correct! No contractions or even Braxton Hicks yet.. and baby is still sitting quite high so I’m not expecting an early arrival, which is good because I still feel like I have a ton to do!

 Movement: He is always moving around- less kicks, more squirming!

 Best moment of the week: I think its settling in that we are less than a month out, and we are so excited!

 What I am looking forward to: meeting him for the first time, seeing who he looks like, how big he is… just everything about him!

 What I miss? I can’t wait to wear my regular clothes again!

 What else? Just filled with excitement and nervousness all at the same time!