Pinstripes in Nice

striped summer dress

Taking it back to our first night in Nice!

We had driven from Milan to Nice and arrived in the late afternoon and I remember we were so excited to get out and explore a little bit before finding a restaurant for dinner. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees the entire time we were in the French Riviera which was so perfect and was one of the reasons the area quickly became my new favorite spot to visit in Europe! 

We made our way from our hotel, through the old town of Nice to a street busy with people and restaurants. I was so impressed with Nice from the very beginning. I loved the architecture of the buildings, the beautiful views of the coast, and every meal we had was fantastic. And of course I love that the weather was so comfortable  

I wore this pinstripe flutter sleeved dress, (which was one of my favorite things that I had packed) paired with my favorite hat of the moment. This dress was a perfect non-maternity, yet bump-accommodating shape, which I find myself buying and wearing more of these days. I think its a combination of feeling like I am so close to having him that I don't want to invest in more maternity wear...and maybe just the fact that I am just mentally READY to fit into some regular clothes again! Either way, I am finding that a lot of dresses still work for me and if they do, it is definitely a better option, and worth the time and money!