One month until we meet you

boudoir bump photo

Today marks 36 weeks.

I cannot believe how fast time has just flown and it feels like we just found out that we would be expecting you in July.

I have loved pretty much everything about the past 8 months. I have experienced very little discomfort in comparison to the magnitude of happiness and excitement that has been growing each and every day we get closer to your due date. 

There is so much left to do this last month, and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with feelings that we won't be ready, but little by little the things on the list gets checked off, and I know deep down that all will fall into place - as I should know that they always do.

I can't wait to meet you, little one. I can't wait to see how much you look like your dad, to see whose nose you'll have and whose smile. I know that this last month will move so quickly  and that time won't stop there - that you too will grow up so fast, and I better cherish each and every moment. So for this last month, I will patiently wait for you, I will enjoy how big my belly is and how much I can feel you kicking and rolling and punching. I will keep you safe and I will love you forever.

Can't wait to meet you.