floral jumpsuit

What a better day than today, when I look outside to see a gloomy Kansas City morning, to start sharing about our 2 week European adventure! 

Our trip started and ended in Milan, (in which by the way, we found a flight to direct from Miami for around $400 each, which is pretty phenomenal!) and even though both of us had been there before, it was fun to explore more of it together this time around. When we arrived in Milan, we had to fight through what in my opinion is the WORST jet-lagged sensations ever. I hadn't slept much on the plane (probably too excited) and then having to get through a whole day after getting in at 10 am Milan time is such a struggle. That first night we tried our hardest to make it until at least 8 pm, but I am pretty sure we passed out promptly at 7.

We only had two days here- the one day we flew in, and the day before we flew out. So we didn't do anything other than just explore and eat good food and gelato! Our first time to sit down for a meal (it could have just been because it was our FIRST and we had been looking forward to the food so much) we ordered a pizza and tagliatelle bolognese to split, and it was everything our hearts desired and more. I also was so hungry after a long flight and the trek from our airport to hotel that I ate the entire..very large... portion of pasta that was sitting in front of me, and the last bite was as  good as the very first. 

The first day we explored Milan was extremely hot and crowded. The Giro d'Italia was finishing in the center of the city near the duomo and so most of the area around the duomo was blocked off. We had to wait until we returned to Milan the day before our flight to be able to explore around the duomo  and surrounding shopping areas - which I am really glad we got to do because the duomo here is so unique and beautiful. It has a gothic style which is totally different than any other church you see in other big cities in Italy. The church also sits right next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is a gorgeous luxury shopping area with a glass arcade roof and is very impressive to see in person! 

Milan was only the beginning! Stay tuned for more (next up- the French Riviera!)