Red Lace Date Night

red lace maternity dress

The opportunities for date night - just us, no babies are dwindling by the minute! Even though I feel as though I am very far off from going into labor (I just have a feeling he is very comfortable and will probably be a late baby) my doctor gave me the list of what to watch out for, as technically is could happen anytime soon..which is just crazy to me, btw! So over the next few weeks I am trying to soak up as much time with B as possible. Our schedules are already so jam-packed, so any lunch date or a quick run to our favorite Mexican spot down the block I try to cherish as much as possible! We are both so excited for little man's arrival, and there has been just so much joy in our conversations as we talk about it. It's such a special time!

This dress I had originally bought for a wedding rehearsal dinner, but decided on something else at the time. So I found the best time to wear it was for one of our little date nights last week! When we do go out to shoot photos (Brandon shoots most of my shots), we usually turn it into dinner as well after we are done, which I always am looking forward to! I usually don't spring for anything too bright in my wardrobe, but a bold red is an exception with this dress. The lace detail is also what drew me in to this dress as lace always adds such a delicate touch! And the best news for all you pregnant mamas... is that its currently on sale! 

Happy Thursday, can't wait for the weekend!