The Picnic Dress

plaid off the shoulder dress

We shot these photos a couple of weeks ago, and I am sad to say I have outgrown it! My belly has grown and I can no longer squeeze into it and its one I am looking forward to wearing again once little guy is here! I was planning on packing it for my trip but I guess that will just have to wait!

So...packing... I have a love hate relationship with packing! I am usually a "throw as much as I can into a bag and hope it works out" type of person, but for this upcoming trip I thought through it much more on what exactly I would need and tried not to pack much more than that. And I am proud to say my suitcase is not even full. And that means two things: 1. Less for me to lug around when we get there and 2. Room for bringing home a few things that I buy over there! This is my third trip to Europe over the past decade or so and to see how much I have changed in the "how much I pack" department... its pretty hysterical! My first trip when I studied abroad in Italy, I still roll my eyes at the thought of my GIGANTIC suitcase plus carry on that I wheeled up with for my short month stay. You live and you learn I guess!