Just springin' along

white peasant maxi spring style

Ohhh the joys of springtime - 

Temperatures are no longer in the sub zeros and big down jackets can be traded in for light spring jackets that in my opinion are much more fun to wear and not as bulky to lug around. I start to transition my closet over from sweaters...(lots of big knit sweaters)... to dresses and lighter, brighter cotton pieces that bring just a little more cheer when I put them on. Spring always brings the excitement of new. Trees blooming with bright white flowers, and the grass wakes up and shakes off its dingy brown blades for a brighter shade of green. I am  a warm weather girl all the way. My favorite things to wear are found hanging up in my closet from April- October. Winter is fun for a little while, until the end of December where I find myself counting down the days until late March or whenever those first warm days appear for the first time.

The only bad thing about springtime (which is actually not bad at all, and completely necessarily) is the rain the season brings along with it. Kansas City has been so soggy for a few days and while sometimes a rumble of thunder can be nice.. I am definitely ready for the sun to poke its way through the clouds so I can continue on wearing my springy things.

Likeeee....this dress.

I am such a fan of the wide sleeves and the way it fits and flows. It is the best dress to welcome spring (but I plan on wearing it through summer...how cute is it with my bump!). And these days I have to tell myself to cool it with hats. I think I would wear a hat everyday with every outfit if I could. I am currently looking for a chocolate brown hat, as I have most of the other colors covered:)

I wish you many sunny days ahead!! (please sun, come back!)


Dress (not sold online... similar similar)