25 weeks

25 weeks pregnant

Size: Baby is now the size of a head of cauliflower :13 and a half inches long and 1 and a half pounds

How far along: 25 weeks

 Total Weight Gain: I promise I will weigh myself by next update, I just haven't gotten around to it.

 Sleep: I slept like a rock this week!

 Food Cravings: Coffee has sounded more and more appealing and I am now back to drinking a cup in the morning and I really look forward to it everyday!

Food Aversions: nothing!

 Symptoms: One weird thing I experienced this week was that a couple days I had nights were my feet would not stop cramping up. I haven't had it in a couple of nights so I am hoping that has passed!

 Workouts: This week we were in Scottsdale and I did a couple of runs outside as well as some workout videos - the Insanity videos are what I prefer! One of the moves involves holding a plank position, and jumping both feet in to your hands, then jumping back out. The belly has definitely starting getting in the way of that one, so I modify and jump wider into a squat to accommodate! I am sure this move will be soon near impossible all together!

 Doctor's Appointments: Next one is in two weeks. Soon instead of once a month I will start going every other week! Time is flying!

 Movement: The last few days have been full of so much movement! Kicking, moving around, doing somersaults.. all sorts of fun stuff. I even noticed while I was lying down a couple days ago that my belly was lopsided to the right side... and shortly after he had moved to the left. I don't think I'll ever get over how cool this part of pregnancy is!

 Best moment of the week: Brandon has felt him kicking before, but just a few times as it seems every time I told him baby was kicking, he would immediately stop! But last few days he has just been so active we can catch him pretty easily!

 What I am looking forward to: We start a birthing class this week, which I am really looking forward to! 

 What I miss?: I am in a phase where I am pretty content and not missing anything right now. Just enjoying where things are and all the experiences along the way!

 What else?: We just got back from Scottsdale, and we enjoyed a few days of sun and family. Now baby has officially been to L.A., Colorado, Las Vegas, and Scottsdale while in my tummy. It just makes me excited for years to come when we can show him the world!