My go-to dresses during pregnancy

dresses for pregnancy

What I have been most surprised about throughout this whole pregnancy is how normal it feels to have  a tummy where my flat stomach used to be. The change is so gradual that somedays I don't even think that I look pregnant because the bump is the new normal for me. I will have strangers ask how far along I am, or congratulate me and I always have the first reaction as "what, how do they know?".. (Oh yeah its my protruding belly.) I think around week 6 when it really set in that my body was going to change... I expected to feel not myself in my own skin, but interestingly enough, I actually really enjoy the big belly and feel 100% far!

Pre-pregnancy, I was not one to wear anything too form-fitted. I never felt comfortable in anything too tight and short, I preferred a little more loose and flowy silhouette. Now that I have the bump, and am totally embracing it, I think I am much more comfortable reaching for that form fitted dress than I used to be. In fact, I feel like my closet is being overtaken by these dresses! I would rather look obviously pregnant in something a little more form-fitted, than wear something loose and look like a sack of potatoes. 

This dress is not something I would typically reach for- the bold block stripes in colors I typically don't wear, but when I tried it on I immediately loved it and loved the fit. I am usually a buy-things-without-trying-them-on type of girl, (which means for a lot of returns, my husband can tell you that!) but now if I have the time, I try to try things on in the store that maybe I wouldn't typically grab, because you never know what it will look like on! Below, I have linked a bunch of my favorite form fitted dresses that are cute for preggos and non-preggos alike!