Green stripes + neighborhood perks

maternity style

My favorite items of clothing right now are my form fitted midi dresses: stretchy and comfortable is the way to go! I think I have a few favorites on rotation this spring. I think about half of them are from Forever 21 as it seems every time I go in there I see another one I want to buy (and the price point is bad either as most are under $20).

We shot these on the way to dinner last week and we were having one of those gorgeous seasonably warm spring days where we just had to get outside and enjoy it. We live within walking distance to Brookside, our favorite little pocket of Kansas City and in the spring its starts getting nice enough where we walk as much as possible into the little downtown area to shop, or grab dinner or some ice cream. After living for three years in Boston, where we had no car and lived within walking distance to everything we needed, we are so happy that we ended up in a neighborhood that is walkable, because in Kansas City, that sort of little perk is next to impossible to find in most areas! I know when our little guy is born, we will continue our walks into the little town center and he will hopefully grow up knowing Brookside as his stomping grounds!