Favorite white lace dresses for summer+ countdown to EUROPE!

white lace maternity dress

I have mentioned before that I don't have that many white clothes. I have always leaned toward clothes with more color and have just told myself that white just maybe isn't for me. Lately I have seen more white pop up in my closet and am slowly learning that I can pull it off unlike I thought all these years. Especially when it comes to white lace. There is something so elegant about white or cream colored lace dresses that I am always so drawn to in the store. This dress just wouldn't be the same in black or teal. White lace is the way to go! This one is non-maternity (this is from a few weeks ago when I could still zip up non-maternity dresses, I am finding that harder and harder to do these days!) I have linked a couple of my favorite white lace dresses of the season below, just in time for summer!

Also, we are in our final week countdown before we leave for Europe! This week is pretty crazy so I got a jump start on packing this past weekend and I am just so excited. We fly to Milan on Saturday and from there we spend about a week in the French Riviera, then on to Florence, Napes and the Amalfi Coast. I am feeling really good this week (this is the start of my 32nd week!) and am confident this trip will be amazing even as I am growing larger by the day! Can't wait to share our trip with you!!