In and around KC

 Kansas City has now been our home for a little over a year now and my how much has happened over that one-plus-a-couple-months- time span. Lots of really normal things that people our age are doing these days like getting a dog and buying a house and subsequently learning the joys of lawn care and do-it-your-selfing. I for one have fallen in love with Kansas City, and I think it is the perfect place for us in this season of life. After a craaazy busy summer full of trips and weddings, and sporting events and so on, things have settled down and we get to spend more time actually enjoying our new home. On the weekends I wake up and with my early-morning-riser-energy in high gear, and want to skip around the kitchen singing about all the windows and morning light that floods the entire home and instantly puts you in a good mood. Mochi is a morning puppy... as well as he eats breakfast with me and proceeds to run around the living room squeaking his favorite toy or taunting me to come chase him. Life is good right now in all our normalcy. Sometimes I think I am afraid of the word "normal"- never wanting to settle in to a daily routine that prevents me from doing more, trying more, being more. But normal feels good in this moment, and I am thankful for all these slow moving, very normal days as we move into fall.  

a jet ski and an empty lake

Brandon and ended up staying an extra day down at the lake, and on a lake that is notoriously always busy, choppy, and chaotic, it was such a treat to be out on the water on a week day when the waters were completely calm. We took the opportunity to take out the jet ski - and so I could learn how to drive typical Lake of the Ozarks water, B could tell you that I would be too busy screaming and holding for dear life than actually enjoying the ride!

I have to tell you, I usually feel pretty nervous to drive anything other than a car (and even when I was learning that I was terrified that I was going to slam into someone, or someone into me) and so I was very surprised that I LOVED that little jetski! Granted, there was no one else out and I had SO much room to work with, but STILL. I loved it!

What a great start to the summer, and I can't wait for as many trips to the lake as we can manage!