a jet ski and an empty lake

Brandon and ended up staying an extra day down at the lake, and on a lake that is notoriously always busy, choppy, and chaotic, it was such a treat to be out on the water on a week day when the waters were completely calm. We took the opportunity to take out the jet ski - and so I could learn how to drive it...in typical Lake of the Ozarks water, B could tell you that I would be too busy screaming and holding for dear life than actually enjoying the ride!

I have to tell you, I usually feel pretty nervous to drive anything other than a car (and even when I was learning that I was terrified that I was going to slam into someone, or someone into me) and so I was very surprised that I LOVED that little jetski! Granted, there was no one else out and I had SO much room to work with, but STILL. I loved it!

What a great start to the summer, and I can't wait for as many trips to the lake as we can manage!