Saturday thoughts



What do you do when your toddler is napping - the house is completely clean (WHAT that never happens) and your husband is out of town. Write a random blog post I guess?

Here are some thoughts of the day.


Hats off to the people that can successfully manage social media channels, emails, the electronic side of friendships (texts, etc) and still have a career, spend quality time with the family, cook dinner ( and the list goes on). One thing I have learned is how to function even when I feel scatterbrained most the day! (Still working on not letting it stress me out like it tends to do to me now) I also may think this is also just a right of passage for new moms. Learn how to stay afloat in the chaos.


I love that little boy. When I put him down for a nap earlier he was sleepy and I think a bit delirious with giggles. You know when you are really tired and everything is funny? I was holding him before laying him down in his crib and he just kept looking at me and laughing. I think thats what he was going through - that really tired- and everything is funny mood. It was the best.


Without going too much in detail, as I’m sure you don’t want to read a 800 page novel on our home woes…. but I have been pretty open with the fact that NO we haven’t yet found a house even though ours is currently on the market. I feel more confused than ever on where we want to go next… maybe my vision doesn’t exist, but I keep holding on to the fact that it does.


Currently writing a post on nutrition and food, which seems to be one of the most questions asked around here. It will be probably just a question and answer format - this is one topic I don’t want to give too much advice on as everyone is different, and I am by no means an expert! More photography stuff is on the way too, and as always just sharing life through photos. If you haven’t noticed, I have been doing less “fashion stuff” for the past month or so. I felt less like myself when I post ootd stuff, and my hope is to still share the clothes I wear and where I got them for those of you who are interested, but it’s less of the focus of the photographs I choose to share. In essence, most things I share are clothes I’m actually wearing to do life in. FOR ME…buying clothes for outfit posts has to be the least sustainable way to run a blog. Since I started focusing more on meaningful content - with or without a cute outfit on, my posts have felt 10,000 times more natural, unforced and REAL!

OK thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! Jett and I have a birthday party to head to, then I’m going out for a friends birthday while Jett stays home with a babysitter! (We rarely get a bbsitter so I am pretty excited tbh!)